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hummm should i get it...?

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was looking at some of the reviews for Postal on amazon today
and it seems as if there was a battle of opinions about the movie postal. i haven't seen it yet but it looks hilarious from what i saw on their imeem.com/postalthemovie page. its due out on dvd tomorrow 8/26 and was thinking of getting it for when the guys are over mon to bbq...:yay:
has anyone here seen the movie already...?
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sometimes i try not to trust other movie critics cuz sometimes what i think is a bad movie, they think is good or vice versa. i like being the critic of what i should watch and what i shouldn't watch...i guess it gives me some control. so in my opinion i think this movie is my kinda humor and it was pretty entertaining.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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