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One simple question... If I flew to your place for a demo...

...would you throw in free earplugs?

That is one crazy setup.

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One simple question... If I flew to your place for a demo...

...would you throw in free earplugs?

That is one crazy setup.
You would not have to use earplugs since I rarely plays music louder than 110dB, usually I have the volume down to around 100-105dB. But on film the volume can reach much louder, those LFS effects are sometimes a bit too much, and even I get scared...

It is extremely fun to have lots of headroom in the system, and that totally without problems with drivers and amps! :devil:

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Magnificent home theater! I'm especially impressed with cable "dressing" in the equipment rack. With so much equipment connected in complex ways, and with all those cables, you would think the rack would be a nightmare. Shelving, chairs, lighting... all superb. I want one :R
You can be proud!

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Hello and congrats for the good job! can you share with us a bit more about your main speakers? size of cabinets, crossovers, curves...

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Really impressive! You have done huge project, hope to have as big room somewhere in the future.

Do you have measured responses, especially the lower frequencies? How this kind of well made big HT room behaves below 100Hz? My HT room is much much more smaller and I am interested to hear how you have succeed with the LFE performance.

Thank you for sharing your most interesting HT project details.

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I am a Norwegian Home Theater owner, and when I got my UMIC1 and tried REW, I found out about Home Theater Shack and the great forums here.
After working on it for four years, my home theater was finished last summer.


Main speakers: Dali 40, modified with new crossower parts and Scanspeak
Revelator tweeter (2905/9700-Dali 40SE)
Centre speaker: DIY modified Dali 8008 (Blue series), with new speaker cabinet and
Scanspeak Revelator tweeter (2905/9700)
Subwoofers (3 x): 2 x Boschmann AZX-W15 NUKE, in DIY 104 liter ported kabinets
1 x Maelstrom 21", in 220 liter DIY closed cabinet.
Surround (6 x): DIY, based on a internet found kit (2 x 6"
SEAS midrange & bass speakers, 1 x 1" tweeter in each cabinet)

Altibox fiber connection 50/50mB Router
2 x Netgear Prosafe 16-port Switch (one dedicated HDTV-distibution)
ASUS RT-N66U Dark Knight Router
Grotec HTPC

Media players:
Toshiba HD DVD HD EP 35
OPPO BDP-103 Multiplayer
Denon DVD A-11 Multiplayer
Philips VR 20D Digital Video Recorder
Denon DTR 2000 DAT
Denon DRM Dolby HX PRO Cassette
Playstation 3
Altibox Motorola VIP 1853 HD TV-tuner
Thorens TD 321 MKII Turntable
-Audiotechnica AT-OC9 pickup
-Mørch DP-6 Gold arm
-Dali RIAA Phono Preamp

Prosessor & Amps:
Marantz AV 8801 prosessor
2 x Vincent SP-991 monoamp (1 x 600 W @ 4 Ohm (1 x 100 W class A))
2 x Crown I-Tech 6000 (2 x 3000W @ 4 Ohm)
1 x T&M SA 200e (2 x 200W @ 4 Ohm)
1 x T&M SA 400e (2 x 400W @ 4 Ohm)
NAD 216 THX (2 x 200W @ 4 Ohm)
Rotel RBM-1575 (5 x 500W @ 4 Ohm)

Mostly based on no-nonsense microphone-cables.
(Eurocable Extraflex Double Shielded Microphone Cable)
Supra 2x4mm2 OFC loudspeaker cable
ISODA HA-08 PSR with WBT connectors.

APC 3000 Smart UPS
LYNGDORF 6A-CAL-6FA surge filter

Sony HW 50ES
Seymour Screen, 129" diagonal DIY 16/9 frame

I just come acros this tread looking for information regarding dali 40. I saw that you posted this really long time ago and don´t expect any ansewr :) I just give it a long shoot.

I have a pair of original dali 40 adn looking for info regarding upgrade. I noticed that you have done some upgrade and are just kindly asking for more info on how you did. Do you have any drawings of the cross over and how much do i need to modify the cabinet to fit the tweeter and so on.

If you see this, you are more than welcome to rech out .

Br Daniel
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