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I am new here

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I am new here and I am an audiophile for 30 years.
Now I have my room and I am trying to make some soud treatment on the room, but I am afraid I don't know where and how to make the trasformations.
I have some micros and one pair of monitors and I want ot equalize my room.
Does someone know how to acomplish the job.

thank you ,
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Welcome to the Shack! Have a look at the "Home Audio Acoustics" forum and post any questions you have about that subject there.

Welcome to Home Theater Shack!

Hello and welcome to the Shack!

We hope you enjoy your stay... :T
Hello José, Welcome to the Shack.
Welcome , i hope you enjoy yourself here as much as I have.

i'v been milling aorund some ideas for treatments myself. but i'm still ust reading forum threads fromother's discussions to get ideas so i'm in the same boat as you are.
Welcome jose. Have fun, Dennis
Welcome to the forum ...:wave:

Good luck with your project :T.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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