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I don't like my TubaHT

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I haven't had much time using it. Probably about 2 weeks of having it hooked up in my HT and it just doesn't give enough output without bottoming out. It's being powered by an NU1000DSP on one channel with a Cleanbox Pro to boost the signal from my AVR. I know that it can be fine tuned; I haven't touched any of the DSP settings and haven't measured my response. I just feel underwhelmed by its performance. I'll go thru the process of measuring my rooms response and adjusting the settings accordingly but I'm wondering if I'm just chasing a dream that this sub just won't achieve. It sometimes produces a very odd sound when trying to dig into the deeper octaves and I worry I'll damage the VC's. I'm assuming I'm bottoming it out. Should I go thru the process of measuring and adjusting? Or start over with a different DIY sub or two?
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What 15" did you use?

And how do you know your bottoming out?

I had a THT in my house with a Dayton 390 driver and with about 100watts my walls couldnt take much more.I was about 5m away from the subwoofer. I think if your not hitting high enough SPL then you may have some air leaks. I also never worried about bottoming out my THT when it was all sealed up. It never made any sounds of distress and I pushed it as hard as I could watching movies.

Maybe if I played signwaves I could damage the 15 but thats about it.
It sounds like there's a panel resonating on certain frequencies. I hope that's not it since the only real fix is to build another cabinet. I used the Dayton DVC385-88.
mine is crazy loud as well, and doesn't take much power to get it there. the panel that resonated for me was the bottom, and an addition of a center brace over the outlet fixed that.
Can you add another piece of MDF over the side thats resonating? Would be an easy way to add some strength to that side.
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