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I found an old subwoofer shootout

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As a subjective subwoofer shoot out this one is pretty good. http://www.soundandvisionmag.com/speakers/2316/shootout-five-mid-price-subwoofers.html
If anyone owns any of these subs or their current production equivalent please confirm or deny what was written in this review.
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Chashint - The Velo is made for 30 Hz and up bass. It's the type of subwoofer that will always sound good, and it is going to be easier to set up than something like the Hsu with the Turbo - or even the Hsu using one port.

The Hsu and Outlaw will hit deeper, and are both better overall perfomers, but they won't be as powerful in the 30-80 Hz as is the Velo.

A subwoofer that gets the 30 to 80 Hz range done powerfully is the type of subwoofer that most people will love to own.

Hobbyists such as one will usually find at The Shack will normally want the 20 Hz bass, and will typically look at the ID subwoofer brands for this.
Chashint - The folks at Home Theater Shack welcomed me to talk about my products. If someone asks me what I think of our subwoofers vs. others on the market, I would prefer to have the conversation privately, as there are so mny variables.

You can find 34 user reviews of our 18 inch subs and 2 of our dual 10's here:


We have been directly compared to the following:

Danley DTS-10 (2 of them in one system)
Epik Empire (4 in one system)
SVS Dual-12 Ultra pair (four 12 inch drivers)
Acoustic Elegance AV-15H with dual 18 inch Passive Radiators (two of these, each with a 1000 watt amp against a single 18.2).
Actual working MFW-15's.

The list goes on - and over time, I think you will find out customers speak for our products. :)
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Our 2011-2012 products will start arriving at our assembly/warehouse facility this week. The first products will be the new SS-18.2 subwoofer, which is identical in performance to the CS-18.2, but uses a new Satin paint process with a very durable Polyurethane paint.

Also due are the new 3 inch, Full range speakers "Waf-3's" ... They are a 4"x5"x6" speaker with a single full range driver. Combined with a good subwoofer, like our CS-10.2, they make for quite the movie experience.

At our GTG in November, we played a pair in 2 channel mode, with a subwoofer. The lights were off for the demo, when the lights came on, each person who has heard them laughed at the great sound.

Once these speakers are here, and I have checked over the finish, the 2011 PRO/SHO-10's will be ordered, along with the SS-18.1, which is identical to the CS-18.1's in performance, but with an upgraded enclsoure and finish.

We are even putting together an upgrade process for our customers who purchase the CS-18.1 series 2 and later wish he/she had the new SS-18.1 cabinet. This upgrade will be very affordable and simple for our customers.

I understand you totally in regards to the other forum. It can be .... fun. :T
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