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I found an old subwoofer shootout

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As a subjective subwoofer shoot out this one is pretty good. http://www.soundandvisionmag.com/speakers/2316/shootout-five-mid-price-subwoofers.html
If anyone owns any of these subs or their current production equivalent please confirm or deny what was written in this review.
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DT_Mike auditioned his 18.2 for me and my wife (maybe back in October).
That demo certainly softened the wifey up on the possibility of getting a sub for ourselves (only in regards to what a sub can sound like though).... I am still working on the giant box having a place in the living room problem LOL
A while back, I asked Craig about multi subs and using a single Dayton SA1000 to power them. We discussed the 10's and the 18's. I was interested in a smaller package and smoothing the room response with duals or quads.

The 18.T Duo was born! It offers roughly the same performance in a more manageable package. I see in another post you said you have two placement options. :ponder:

Two 18.2's seem to be pretty popular, too. :yikes:
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