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I found an old subwoofer shootout

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As a subjective subwoofer shoot out this one is pretty good. http://www.soundandvisionmag.com/speakers/2316/shootout-five-mid-price-subwoofers.html
If anyone owns any of these subs or their current production equivalent please confirm or deny what was written in this review.
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Sorry about the bad link, thanks for helping out jackfish.
I fixed the link in the original post.

What do you guys think about the Velodyne DLS5000 hanging in there with the Hsu and the Outlaw ?
Think its true ?
Howdy Craig,
I had a big cup of coffee after dinner and unfortunately it has ruined my sleep.
One of these days I am going to get around to actually buying a sub instead of just talking about subs.

My living room is the everything room and there are only two places for a sub to go and I don't even know if either place is really viable in regards to SQ.
I have RF-83's for the front L/R and if the Velodyne does not go below 30Hz with authority it is probably not going to do me a lot of good.
The reason I keep looking at the lower tier Velodynes is because they are the best available locally and if I don't like it the return will only cost me about one gallon of gasoline.
Even though I have returned speakers because I didn’t like them, I don’t believe in ‘borrowing’ things from a store just to try them out.

I do think the ID subs are better value than the ‘name brand’ subs, but having never lived with the beast I am hesitant about trying one out that is not easily and cheaply returned.
Too bad the Velo is not a bottom dweller or I would give it a chance… LOL.

BTW are you forbidden from recommending your own products ??
The CHT offerings are certainly still in contention for my subwoofer dollars.
I don’t ask about them on the forums because the user base is still so small there is not a lot of info I have not seen.
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I have been following TCA and CHT from the start.
Considering the amount of work it has taken and all the 'stuff' that has been written in another forum; I don't know if you consider the venture to be successful or worth it, but there are still many people like myself that wants to see you (or any new business venture) suceed.

DT_Mike auditioned his 18.2 for me and my wife (maybe back in October).
That demo certainly softened the wifey up on the possibility of getting a sub for ourselves (only in regards to what a sub can sound like though).... I am still working on the giant box having a place in the living room problem LOL

There is not much action on the CHT forum these days but I still check in there once or twice a week.
I guess most everyone still on the sidelines is waiting to see the next step in progress in 2011.

I know its no fun to be hounded and have every word analyzed for hidden meanings, but when it comes to dealing with the lynch mob at the other place keep this in the back of your mind...
You cannot win an argument with an idiot, no matter what you try, an idiot will quickly drag you down to their level where they will use their experience to beat you.
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I see just enough references to port noise (usually when someone gets a new sub and is comparing its improved qualities to the old one) that it makes me wonder about the ported design in general.
We listen to the movies with audio authority but it is far from ear splitting levels.
Thanks for the feedback koyaan.
HaHa... yes there are two placement options but filling both might be a stretch even for my vivid imagination.... but I do like the way you think :D
I run the same. My EX replaced the Velo 5000 which I picked up at a great price as a demo. It has gobs of power, but very limited response below 30 Hz as I found out later.
The EX gets gives you the gut feel and is a quality sub all around. I would not say it is more musical than the Velodyne, but certainly does as well and does it much deeper.
The Hsu Mk3 is basically the same sub. Either one is a good choice from excellent companies.
Thanks for the feedback.
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