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I have a very unusual problem with my home theater system need some help

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Hi, I live in Bangladesh I bought my home theater system from Bangkok. I have a unusual problem with my home theater system. My speakers system is Revel Performa 3 and paradigm sub 15 sub woofer 5:1, Mark Levinson 5 channel power amp, Marantz av 8801 surround processor. After using a month suddenly my front Right speakers is not working. It gives a very low ssssshhhhhh sound. You could hardly here it. I have chanced slot (connection) in marantz right to left the speaker was working but now the left speaker was not working giving the same sound. I have checked all five slot (connection) in Mark Levinson all of them working. I thought Only in the Marantz av 8801 front right solt (connection) was not working. I did factory reset, update marantz but nothing is working. So I decided to take it to Bangkok to fix or replace Marantz. But the funny thing is when they connect the Marantz to there system everything was working fine. So they told me to checked the system that I made some mistake. So I came back home and connect the system in my home and everything was working fine. But after 10 maybe 15 days later same thing happened. Front right speaker is not working. This time again I took Mark Levinson & Marantz with me to Bangkok. But again they make the connection and everything was working fine. Again I came home and connect the the system and everything was working fine. After 10 maybe 15 days later same thing happened. Front right speakers was not working. In my country there are no good technician. They don't know what's the problem. Please if anybody can help me solve this problem I would very grateful. Thanks
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when the noice starts happening:

1. switch the Left and Rights speakers at the amplifier. Does the change sides (following the speaker? if so got to test 2. If not its a speaker problem

2. switch the input at the proccessor Left and Right, if the sound stays at the same speaker it may be the amp if it switches sides it may be the processor.

Things that may cause problems:

How humid is it in the room where the components are kept? Himidity can cause connections to weaken
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My only though is either dampness or it could be heat based problem. Next time it starts happening, turn it all off and unplug it and let it sit for half a day or a day then plug everything back in and see if the sound is still there. If not, then you could have a dry solder joint someplace or just a weak connection that I tech would have find, they would have to keep th unit and stress it until the problem starts then trace the problem.
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