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I need some speaker grills

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Hello all! I have the subs built, and I believe the give me the performance I desired. I also believe the could be better. Different driver, better cabinet design, port design, not sure. However this is not the point of this thread. I have the SI 15". My baffle is an 1&1/2", consisting of two 3/4" MDF. The driver is mounted to the inner baffle.

My plan is to use an 18" grill, but the driver surround protrudes roughly 1" past the front baffle. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I am sure I could make something work, but I am hoping that someone knows where I can get a grill to work.
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Try searching here. I know I've seen some there. Also a quick google search for speaker/subwoofer grills should turn up a few.
I try to recess the drive and then build a grille with whatever material I have that is cheap. So I have used Fly screen material, metal actual grilles, clothe and many other things. If I didnt recess the driver I just use squares or triangles in the four corners of the grille I made. Then have the pieces in the corners as tall as the surround height. Works so far.

I have done them many different ways.
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