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I picked up an vivitek 32" lcd tv. the person i picked this up from said they couldn't get any video. when i got it home it was on video line 2. It was an older couple that had it. they just bought a new tv. said it stopped working 2 days ago. I hooked it up and changed the input and the tv came on. but i have a dark spot on the right hand side of the screen. I emailed the person who gave me the tv and they said it was fine until they couldnt get any video. I laided it screen down on the back seat of my ford explorer. could that make that mark? any chances it will go away?
not like i paid anything for the. tv it was free.

I am not sure if i want to use it as a tv or a 32" computer monitor. has both pc and dvi inputs.

If the screen goes to black you do not see the mark and in dark seens its hard to see. but on lighter colors it really sticks out. you can see it in the blue screen on the right.
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