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Hi, I was wondering what criteria you would use to determine which is better?
Are 4 18's in a baffle going to be better than 2 15 LLT. Is the baffle for people who dont have room in listening room for llt enclosures?
Are baffles more sonically correct? Please help me understand. :dunno:Thanx
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Re: Ib or LLT

Which is better will hinge on a LOT of information needed to determine the answer, although it might end up coming down to mere preference of design.

About the only comparison we have between the two right now is Rodny's IB Makeover thread. In his case, the LLT system edged out the IB. In this system, his LLT did not take up any space in his room, he enclosed it from the attic and ported it into the room. This what we call the SLLT (Structural LLT).

Generally the LLT will cost less because you will need less drivers. Both can be very accurate if designed properly... however the LLT can be tuned, which might help you get a lower response that will be unknown with the IB.

You can always try an IB and if you don't like it, you could enclose it like Rodny did. :huh:
You should hear Rodny's LLT's (and he had a 4 driver IB system), or my Behemoth... or my Pulse... or any number of LLT's. Rodny's though, was the one that was measured to prove the results were not just subjective.

Granted, an IB system is very good and in most cases it will outperform commercial subs and many DIY subs, this is very well understood. :T
All you have to do is read Rodny's IB Makeover thread to realize and understand that a properly ported design can indeed outperform an IB. I am not saying this will happen in every single case, I would have no idea, nor would anyone else, but in this particular case, LLT won, hands down! :huh:
Nice setup... :T

I like that foam insulation. I wish that had been offered back when we built our home. Pricing after the fact is a little out of our range. :yikes:
Guys... PLEASE... the title of this thread is IB or LLT and it is turning into a "horn" thread. Need I continue to suggest to start a new thread? :dontknow:

Unless the OP would like the thread title to be changed to IB or LLT or Horn... we can oblige. Otherwise, please do not continue to ignore my suggestion and our Forum Rules. Thank you!
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