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Hi, I was wondering what criteria you would use to determine which is better?
Are 4 18's in a baffle going to be better than 2 15 LLT. Is the baffle for people who dont have room in listening room for llt enclosures?
Are baffles more sonically correct? Please help me understand. :dunno:Thanx
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Re: Ib or LLT

Well, Ficar sells their IB 18 for 200.00 which means you can get 2 ficar woofers for almost the same price of one SS or Exodus 18.
When looking at WisISD one of the benefits, it seems of the EBS or LLT alignment over the standard ported enclosure is the lower Group Delay. What does the Group Delay look like for an IB?

1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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