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Hi, I was wondering what criteria you would use to determine which is better?
Are 4 18's in a baffle going to be better than 2 15 LLT. Is the baffle for people who dont have room in listening room for llt enclosures?
Are baffles more sonically correct? Please help me understand. :dunno:Thanx
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2 FI 18's have over 14 liters of displacement ( they custom built these speakers just for IB applications) , more displacement than 4 AE 15's, you don't have to spend a fortune to go IB. I have 2 FI 18's and they are more than enough in my dedicated HT. They are cleaner, faster, deeper, more eyebrow vibrating and more accurate than any box i've ever heard. Of course i haven't heard everything, but i have heard a lot of box subs, Diy and commercial, And i've owned and built several. After a month i still can't beleive how awesome it sounds even my wife is hooked. It's in a league of it's own. Of course it's just my opinion.
There seems to be a huge importance on getting to super low hz. Of course IB and LLT can do it, but IB is much, much more than that, IB is also great for undistorted, fast, perfect sound. There's no box to restrain cone movement, no box for rear waves to bounce around, Your cone doesn't have to force air through a port, the speaker moves freely, faster, more accurate. You get alot more than what a FR can show. It's the quality of what hits your ears that'll gives you the WOW factor.
Ever heard of port chuffing?? If the cone is moving so is air.
Of course it's not "forcing" air if the port is large enough and sized right, I just meant it is moving air through a port, back and forth, If it's tuned properly it'll sound great, but with IB your speaker has equal pressure on both sides, no opposing force on either side, I was very skeptical before i built mine, my ported diy sub was awesome, but after finishing my theater, asthetically it stuck out like roach on a pancake. After the IB i'll never use a box agian, maybe in my living room but not in my HT. The sound is just "different" from any box or bass i've ever heard, it's hard to describe.. pure, effortless. People on the forum i'm not supposed to mention (on their quotable notables link) went on and on about hearing notes clearer and some notes other subs couldn't accurately produce or produce at all, basically redifining how bass should sound after years of boxes coloring their sound, they made it sound like it was the holy grail of bass. And after building my own, i must agree. I guess you have to experience it to understand.
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My Ib consists of 2 Fi 18's with as i'm sure you know has over 14 liters of displacement, more than most 4 15" setups. I also have a 12" DLP in the living room and i just sold my titanic 15" sonotube (previous HT sub) to an eager buddy of mine.

I did read Rodny's IB Makeover thread , it sounds like LLT is on par with IB, and in some cases better and visa-versa. My experience is with commercial and DIY sealed and ported boxes, which in my experience can't compete with IB. LLT looks like it would be fun to try. But for now i'm completely satisfied- finally, and i need to quit spending money...that's the hard part!
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I cost a little more up front but when you figure in a smaller A/C unit, and the smaller utility bill, not to mention that your attaic is always a comfortable, easy to build rooms upstairs, it's worth it. Actually when i calculated how much it would add to my house note $50 a month, and i'd save ~$100 in utility bills.... it wouldn't have made sense to turn it down.
after the house is up...yeah... may be not worth it.
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