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Hi, I was wondering what criteria you would use to determine which is better?
Are 4 18's in a baffle going to be better than 2 15 LLT. Is the baffle for people who dont have room in listening room for llt enclosures?
Are baffles more sonically correct? Please help me understand. :dunno:Thanx
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Thanks, thats what I thought. I'd still love to hear and feel an ib setup with a dozen 15" drivers or more. :scared:
Re: Ib or LLT

I just had to know if it was a driver per driver swap in output. and ive realized there would be a huge difference in output with same driver compliment for each setup compared ditectly. Im not rich, so the ib wont work for me. I have to stick with big clunky boxes, lol.
Re: Ib or LLT

Im sure there is a lot more involved in a baffle than I know anyway. Id have to dedicate a room to get pummeled as hard as the theater is. Who would want to be in that room? Im sure there is a formula to determine if the rearwave room is the right size etc....
how much power can they handle in an ib setup?
If you have a spot for the IB, you can always just enclose some of that space to make the LLT enclosure as Sonnie suggested. That way the LLT isn't taking up any space inside the listening room. Driver for driver, the LLT will offer flatter, deeper extending response with less distortion and greater output levels. On the other hand, the IB is extremely easy to build.
So basically make the 10-14ft^3 LLT box and put it in the other room and feed it into the room through a hole in the wall like the way an IB would vent it?
Is group delay even measurable with IB?
Guys... PLEASE... the title of this thread is IB or LLT and it is turning into a "horn" thread. Need I continue to suggest to start a new thread? :dontknow:

Unless the OP would like the thread title to be changed to IB or LLT or Horn... we can oblige. Otherwise, please do not continue to ignore my suggestion and our Forum Rules. Thank you!
I have always been interested in horns. I realize they are the most efficient type of enclosure, or at least I think they are. Never the less I will probably never build one. I dont have the resources the space or the time to design and build any type of horn of that magnitude. For now I will settle for a LLT or an ebs setup. I think it will be the easiest and fastest and most output per watt and cone area. Thanx for all the input everyone.
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