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Hi, I was wondering what criteria you would use to determine which is better?
Are 4 18's in a baffle going to be better than 2 15 LLT. Is the baffle for people who dont have room in listening room for llt enclosures?
Are baffles more sonically correct? Please help me understand. :dunno:Thanx
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Both types can be sonically correct if designed properly. Both have pros and cons. IB pros - doesn't take up any room. cons, requires more drivers to match SPL of other designs. LLT pro's, cheaper than an IB for same SPL output, cons, large cabinets take up floor space.
Re: Ib or LLT

Optimum rear chamber for an IB is 10x the Vas of each sub. Half of that volume has been shown to work well.
Yes. And the amount of cabinet volume is dependent on which sub you choose.
IB is also great for undistorted, fast, perfect sound
By "fast" I hope you mean accurate. Any properly designed subwoofer is accurate.

Your cone doesn't have to force air through a port
No ported subwoofer forces air through a port. The port is resonating, the air in the port is moving back and forth at the resonant frequency. Only when the port is not big enough to keep the air speed under 26 m/s does port compression set in with negative effects. It's all about proper design and application.
You statement implies the cone is "forcing" air through the port. That's not how it works.
it's hard to describe.. pure, effortless.
That part I understand. Since IB has never been an option for me, it took 4 large ported enclosures in a 15' x 26' room for me to get there.
1 - 7 of 33 Posts
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