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Your best options are to get the matching CC for your existing speakers, or replace them with a matched LCR set (my choice when no matching CC could be found).
I believe any horizontal design is a compromise ...otherwise all speakers would be built like that :rolleyes:
(Mono sound emanating into such a small space is also silly....but that's off topic lol)

Matching Centers ...well they should call them matching drivers and finish, If they were matched so well, u should be able to replace a left/right channel with it and not tell the difference... hmm I didn't think so :sneeky:

Want to keep tonal quality and can't afford/install a matching floorstander? ..then use a bookshelf speaker from the same manufacturer...something with at least a 6" bass driver with enough power handling.
Problem is finding a Dealer who will sell u 1. :gah:
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