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If you had your time again, what sized sealed Maelstrom-X box ?

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Hi guys,

For those of you who have played with Maelstrom-X's what size box would you do (sealed) if you had your time again ?

Assume EQ can be applied.
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I get everyone throwing options at me, but I can't tell which one is really the best...because no two suggestions seem to be alike. It doesn't help that I keep on coming up with more options myself. My fiance is pretty open to my building a big box for the theater, it's mostly my own aesthetic that keeps me from building a 20cf ported 21", and my own budget that keeps me from building TWO of them! LOL
well the reason you are comparing the 21" sealed to the 18" ported is because you get more output from a ported. So to make a wild statement, if there was a 26" Maelstrom-X, you'd need to port a 21" to be as loud as the 26" sealed
Once you get to "loud enough" any more output is irrelevant.

Kevin Haskins
Exodus Audio
oh yeah, I forgot we may be talking "reference" here.... cuz I'm hoping 2 21's in 128cu ft each will be enough...for a while :D

1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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