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I'm working on this little project.

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I'm starting with a Bose Acoustimass replacement driver I found on EBay.
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I found a PDF of the Graham Holliman Velocity Coupled Infrabass speaker I liked the idea...
Before that I found this

Wicked One 32

I put the two together and here is the result.. only one PROBLEM... I need more knowledge about the Oval 6x9 speaker. If I use a ten inch driver I have a 12 inch high speaker box If I use a 6x9 I have an 8 inch high box.

I NEED help. I'm not finding the frequency response posted on any 6x9 oval drivers. I need this to play music and rumble at 10hz, It wouldn't be a good driver without high SPL at Low frequencies. Here's a pic... I'm not going to tell you where the drivers go... but enjoy my pics
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