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Import Impulse Response - File Formats

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Dear all,

I am importing impulse responses in WAV format quite often but it seem that REW supports 16bit only e.g.

48kHz 24bits - not supported (even I set the sound card settings to 48kHz)
48kHz 16bits - fine
44.1kHz 24bits - not supported
44.1kHz 16bits - fine, even if the current sampling rate is 48kHz instead of 44.1kHz
96kHz 24bits - not supported

Is that correct or I am I doing something wrong? It would be great to support also at least 48kHz 24bits since this is a common standard in the studio e.g. 95% of my files are in this format.
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WAV and AIFF files can be mono, stereo or multi-channel, the channel to be imported is chosen when loading the file. Only Signed PCM files are supported, with 16, 24 or 32 bit samples and only the first 1,024,576 samples are imported.
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