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Improvement suggestions

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I've just started using REW and I noticed two things that I thing may be improved.
First of all there is no possibility to average RT from many impulse responses, and export it. I would like to have a possibility to make measurements in couple of places in a room, and then average the RT from them to have one global set of RT for the room.
I know that there is possibility to average responses, but when responses doesn't start at the same time or have other amplitudes, it doesn't allow to calculate RT properly.
So now to average RT, I need to save all RT results to txt, import them to excel, choose proper column and average it. If I have for example 12 responses it really takes quite a lot of time.

Secondly i think it would good to add for example C80,C50,D80,D50 measurements. It shouldn't be difficult, because calculating these parameters requires easy calculations performed on filtered impulse responses.

I hope my suggestions will be taken into consideration.
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The C80 etc values are on my to do list. For the RT60 averaging do you mean to simply average the octave/one-third octave results for a selection of measurements?
Yes, exactly. It can also be done with C and D parameters.
Hi John,

Any news on C80, etc parameters calculation?

Is it possible to calculate these parameters based on the "export impulse response as text" data?

Sorry, haven't got to that yet. Yes, you could calculate them from the exported impulse response data.

There is a set of modules for the open source audio editor Audacity which are a port of the original Aurora Plugins for Adobe Audition. One of the functions provided is the calculation of several acoustic parameters based on an Impulse Response. Just look for "Aurora for Audacity" in google.

What I did was to export the REW generated IR as a wav file and load it into Audacity for the calculations.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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