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Apologies. I think I egged you on.
Let's see, can you say hook, line and sinker!!!!

Enjoy your new toys! Oh, I am. btw, assume you are familiar with Audio Solutions? I've been wanting to drop by and check them out...
I know that there are places that will print your art work on fabric (I think GIK might sell complete panels with artistic designs on them too). In my opinion it was the best audio upgrade in my system. :T
Yes, they do sell art and custom printed panels. I had a couple files I was going to try. The prices aren't unreasonable. Thought my wife would like an 2x4 pic of me on the rear wall.

Are you talking about various areas all over the room? I was talking specifically about the seating someone might be watching the TV from – the couch, the “his and hers” chairs, the love seat. Sorry if I was unclear...

So again, does the bass sound fairly consistent in all the viewing seats, or is it audibly different from one location to the next? (I expect the wife’s seat would have the biggest difference from the others, if any, as it’s closer to the wall.)

I haven't checked each sitting position, just more of a walk around the room when I did the first sub crawl. I did feel there were spots were the lows weren't as clean or had as much slam as I walked around the room which was one reason why I ordered the 2nd sub. I'll do a more focused "listen", when I do the crawl to integrate the second sub this weekend.

As far as “tighter” bass goes, parametric equalization makes a big improvement there, if you aren’t using it already.
I am not. I presume when I do some room testing with the UMIK-1 and REW sw, it will lead to that being an option to address problems. Again, I can barely spell REW at this point. But give me some time.

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