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I am having my home theater put together and did a lot of searching for quality in-wall/in-ceiling speakers at a decent price. I felt most of the in-wall options were overpriced in comparison with speakers already in the enclosures. But to please the wife I had to get in-wall speakers. I looked at polk, RBH, Def Tech, and many, many others. I finally came upon The Speaker Company website which has many in-wall options at very affordable prices. They seem to sell rebranded speakers meaning the speaker is actually a brand name speaker that they may have taken straight from the assembly line and called their own. I purchased the NTIW28 which is actually the MBQuart Alexxa series speakers except the price was deeply discounted. They also give a 30 day return guarantee to let you try them out. In my case that's not really feasible because you have to have the hole in the wall to try them out already. They sound great though and I don't regret the purchase at all. Also, HSU Research just released an in-wall speaker and I would definitely give them a look also. Hope this helped.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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