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Hi Guys

I currently have the CSW155 paired with RC80i in-ceilings in my kitchen/dining room. I'm using the SWA500 amp. I love them, and most people say the sound in my kitchen is better than their living/home theater room. (Of course, these are not aficionado's like us lot on AVS.)

I'm moving house and will leave my beloved CSW155 behind. I gut rehabbed my current place so it wasn't a problem installing it, but the new place is pretty much pristine except a storage room in basement, which is conveniently under the room where I want an in-wall/floor sub. So, the CSW100 or CSW200 seems like a good solution (not sure of difference between 100 and 200 (other than the shape of the grill).

I'm wondering if the CSW100 will sound as good as my CSW155.

  • The CSW100 has about 20% more volume vs the CSW155.
  • The CSW100 has a range of 27-140Khz vs the CSW155''s 30-140Khz.

So it looks like the CSW100 should be marginally better than the CSW155. does anybody by chance have experience of the two to confirm?

Any other solutions you could recommend (in-floor ideal) for a hidden sub and in-ceilings. My budget is about $1500 for the sub/amp/in-ceilings(1-pair). Would go a bit higher for something exceptional

It's going in a room that is about 20x12, but has openings to 2 other rooms




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James Loudspeaker, Velodyne and Triad all make excellent in wall subs. My personal opinion I would try and get a James inwall.

We use James subs throughout our house some inwall and hidden.

Main room sub: 2 10" honeycomb subwoofers built in our Baby Grand inwalls and EMB1200.

Sitting room has the James EMB10.

Theater area 2 James powerpipes and a 210SDX.

Another area in basement we use EMB1000.

I have a 210SDX and a 110SDX that I might put outside just have not done anything with them for a few years...

I think I accounted for all subs... Lol...

James is one of the top inwall builders for quality sound. They are expensive but well worth every $1000 dollar spent...

Check out the James website.
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