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I have a Infinity BU-2 with the original amp and speaker (given to me) the cabinet is in Poor looking condition. I was wondering if rebuilding it would be a good idea, if so the original dims are 14.5" x 14.5" x 14.5"
I would need to look at the wood thickness.

Would I better building the cabinet the same size or larger?
Type: single driver subwoofer

Frequency Response: 30Hz to 150Hz

Crossover Frequency: 50-200Hz

Sub Bass: 1 x 12" cone

Enclosure: bass reflex

Dimensions: 368 x 368 x 368mm

Weight: 19.5kg

Note: 100 watt amplifier

Year: 1998


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If the sub is truly from 1998 then it's probably not worth the effort to build a new cabinet as the components are beyond their life expectancy. Getting 2 decades from a powered subwoofer is almost unheard of, so the amp and driver (especially) are already on borrowed time. Unless you just want a project to do it's probably time to consider a new sub.
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