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Infocus 4805! ~602 hours. Smoke-free home

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I am selling my well-maintained, low-hours Infocus 4805. It has been ceiling mounted since I got it and used in a smoke-free home. I've cleaned the filter every 200 hours. There are only 602 hours on it right now and I don't expect to add any more hours to it as its replacement is due to be at my house any day.

FYI. Bulbs are expected to last about 2000+ hours on it before they get fairly dim or die. This projector has plenty of life left in it.

I have all of the original stuff: box, manual, cables, remote. Mine included a 25ft s-video cable which I did not use, and it will be included in the box.

I am asking $500 for it and I am open to reasonable offers. Price includes shipping (CONUS) and paypal is okay. If you are local I will throw in the un-opened 72" screen (I will not ship this).

Thanks for looking!


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Just curious as to what your replacement will be. I have a Infocus 7205 now for five years. No problems.Although the life of the bulb has not lasted 2000 hrs. More like 1500. You said that you clean the filter. I thought that all the Infocus were of the same breed. What exactly do you mean by the filter. I do not remember seeing anything in the manual about that issue.
Where is it located and what do you clean it with.

thanks and good luck

I can't speak to your projector, but on the 4805 the filter is on the side. The manual shows how to clean it. Cleaning the filter keeps the air-flow going and increases bulb-life.

FYI my replacement will be the Panasonic ax200U. I am moving up to hi-def. :bigsmile:
I should have noted in the add that I am open to reasonable offers.

I checked my manual as soon as I read your thread. I usually cover everything from page to page but I thought that it is possible that I could have missed something.
The manual just stated to kept the side vents clear for air flow for the fans.

Hey good luck with the Panasonic ax200U. You will enjoy the HD. It does make a difference.

Merry Christmas!!!
hello tweakophyte,
is your 4805 still available?


Sorry, no. It has been sold.

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