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Introduction -Tim in Cape Town

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I'm Tim, I live in Cape Town, and I have an interest in equalisation in PA systems.
In particular, I'm trying to learn about making sound systems sound good at high volume in small rooms (e.g small nightclubs, house parties etc).
I've lurked here for a bit, and now that I have a calibrated mic I've finally got REW working on my Mac and been taking some measurements of the the gear I have.
I needed to use the LineIn + Soundflower trick to get REW working well with my multichannel Firewire soundcard.
I have a DEQ2496 that I'm using for equalisation, and so far my testing shows that the PEQ settings created by REW are far superior to the the AutoEQ that the DEQ2496 can do on its own with the calibration mic plugged in directly.
Using the setting generated by REW helped tame some room modes and take out a booming sound I was getting in my home studio.

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REW is indeed a great tool for analyzing your system. Please feel free to ask questions in our Home Audio Acoustics forum for ideas on room treatments to improve your system based on REW's results.
Hello an welcome to the forum. :bigsmile::T
Hi Tim..and welcome..
Welcome to HTS Tim! :wave:

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