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iNuke NU6000 fan mod w/ lots of pics

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$25-shipped for a 2-pack of Noctua 80mm fans. I went from 77dB to 50dB. I even forgot to add the inline resistors to slow the fans down. But there's no point. The amp is almost silent as-is. But I can still add the resistors if I feel the need w/o any cutting or soldering.

I don't have my subs built yet, so I can't say for sure that this is enough cooling. But I've read that others have gone fanless, so I'm not worried.

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Good to see this thread. A lot of people have been asking about fan swaps in the Inuke. :T
Cool. I found one or two mod threads elsewhere (maybe AVS?), but I figure the more the merrier. If only it weren't so painful to upload pictures to HTS. The 1MB file-size limit really makes extra work. Would be nice if there were a server-side resizer. This site thrives on pictures. The process should be as streamlined as possible... in a perfect world.

Thanks by your post. I used this post as a guideline.

Best Regards,


Congrats man!

The ONLY thing I remember from seeing the iNuke 300 & 6000 is that the 6000 uses the bottom plate of the amp as a heatsink so keeping it cool means you do need to keep it from being closed in a cabinet after the fan replacement.

The gap at the bottom of the board is where they attach the heatsinks to the chassis. As such its got a very small window for airflow that could get clogged up easy.

The 3000 heatsinks are basically directly in the path of the air so its a different animal with the fan replacement and temps.

Just be sure to keep the amp where it can draw a bunch of cool air and monitor the temps once you finally start using it with your subs to make sure its not getting too hot.

But the mod looks super clean and I am fairly sure you will be fine. Congrats on the awesome job!
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Thanks for this thread. I received my 6000DSP the other day and I intend on doing this mod ASAP. AS IS the amp is too loud. Thanks again
Just remember that the stock nmb-mat fans have about 4x the static pressure capability that most computer fans do.. so while they blow similar cfm's free air, they have 1/4 the strength to push air in / around things in an enclosed space. Kinda like the whole torque vs horsepower thing
I agree that the OEM fans will have more CFM and static pressure. This may sound pedantic but your Hp vs TQ analogy needs some work:
Hp is a unit that describes total work accomplished
TQ describes twisting force at a set distance or radius
RPM describes how many revolutions per minute

TQ X RPM / 5252 (a constant value) = Hp

cu.ft/min and static pressure do not relate to HP and TQ in my mind. However I do appreciate the concern you have shared. :)

IMHO the Behringer Chassis does not provide much air flow restriction when compared to radiators/heatsinks. I am counting on the CFM of Arctic Cooling F8 2000RPM 31CFM fans I purchased to suffice.
I rarely push my system to the extremes, but I have a few times (Into Darkness, Snowpiercer [the best movie nobody has seen!]). I could not detect any audible or functional problems. I've read that some people go topless/fanless with this amp w/o trouble. You'll be fine :T. Just don't run sine wave 30Hz signals into it for 2 hours straight @ 95% output :nono:.
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