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For years when I listened to my LP of Denny Zeitlin's avant garde soundtrack to Philip Kaufman's film, I was stunned at the level of LFE in the low, building rumbling in the opening of "The Discovery" (when Veronica Cartwright finds the half-formed body). My VHS (Dolby Surround) and DVD (Dolby Surround, DD 2.0?) copies of this film never really played back this same level, and I figured it was the sound mix.

Lo and behold, when I recently picked up the Blu-Ray release (DTS-HD Master), this scene and others have the deep organic bass effects that Zeitlin's score and the sound fx exhibit. Oh, rapturous audio joy!

"Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (1978) Blu-Ray DTS-HD:MA

1. Nancy finds the body Chap 12 (00:41:35 - 00:42:10)

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