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How much difference will i hear between Distortion (SMPTE-IM) Less than 0.02% for the QSC and 0.5% for the crown?
Very likely none whatsoever. Remember that the 0.5% number is a max, not a typical (I think), it will be well below that in normal use.

I have a Crown Xs500 that is in and out of my system from time to time when I want to be sure there is plenty of headroom, have always been perfectly happy with its sound at all volume levels. For Crown, "worst case" means running full power for an hour in a hot room with an elephant standing on it - you know what I mean.

The Xti 2000 has 475 watts at 8 ohms and the QSC CX302 has 200 watts at 8 ohms. What effect will this have on the sound quality?
Probably none, but like others have already said, given the budget and within reason, most of us would lean toward having a generous amount of extra headroom. OTOH, if you have run your QSC as loud as you like and never heard or felt a sense of strain or holding back from the speakers, then you might have plenty of power already. OTOH, if more power gives you peace of mind, that alone can enhance your listening experience.
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