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Is there something wrong with my tweeters?

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Hey guys,

First time playing around with REW on my computer setup.

Consists of a set of Usher S520's, an SVS SB1000, and a Cambridge Azur 740A.

Noticed that the upper end of my frequency response starts dipping quite rapidly at around 8kHz.

Is there a chance that my tweeters could be damaged?


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Is your mic calibrated? If not, it could be the mic. Also, what distance is the mic from the speakers?

Having said that, the rolloff is pretty steep.

Also, if looking at the response of just the speaker (and trying to remove/ignore the room), measure just one speaker at a time.
On the calibration file download page it says "Radio Shack SPL meters are limited to 3KHz" and the cal files stop at 1 kHz. So high frequency measurement isn't really possible with those.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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