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Is there something wrong with my tweeters?

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Hey guys,

First time playing around with REW on my computer setup.

Consists of a set of Usher S520's, an SVS SB1000, and a Cambridge Azur 740A.

Noticed that the upper end of my frequency response starts dipping quite rapidly at around 8kHz.

Is there a chance that my tweeters could be damaged?


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On the calibration file download page it says "Radio Shack SPL meters are limited to 3KHz" and the cal files stop at 1 kHz. So high frequency measurement isn't really possible with those.
This is 100% correct. To measure high frequency with any accuracy you really need a calibrated mic of good quality. I'd recommend a USB mic like the UMM-6, no sound card required and the price is fair.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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