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iScan sdi card cheap Made by DVDO SOLD!!!!!

SOLD!!Hello guys I am selling one of my sdi cards since I have an extra,
I have a 100% feedback rating at ebay under the same user name .

I purchased 2 cards for 2 scalers I purchased but only used one and was left with a spare , This card retails for $349.00
I need the money to buy a replacement lamp for my projector.

:hissyfit: :mooooh: :boxer: :dumbcrazy: :R :nerd:

I am selling mine for $179.99 obo . :coocoo:
Free shipping

Upgrade your iScan VP30, HD or HD+ with the PrecisionSDI Digital Video Input Module .

The Serial Digital Interface (SDI) standard is used by professional broadcast studios and video production centers (SMPTE259M standard interface). The advantage of SDI is that the decompressed digital video data is transmitted directly from a digital source, such as your DVD player or satellite receiver, into your iScan VP30, HD+ or HD when upgraded with this SDI input module. Your video signal remains in the digital domain, avoiding quality-degrading digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital conversion steps, and thereby retaining the best possible picture clarity.

The PrecisionSDI Video Input Module takes this pure digital signal, deinterlaces and scales it (all in the digital domain), converting to any output resolution between 480p and 1080p, allowing you to view all your video source at the optimum output resolution.

SDI Output:

The SDI upgrade offers an affordable way of adding a SMPTE259M serial digital interface ( SDI ) to an existing DVD player. The connection bypasses the D/A and A/D stages and sends a digital 480i & 576i signal directly into your video processor. The result is a much more detailed picture with richer colors and NO video noise associated with use of analog cables.


Compatible with DVDO iScan HD, HD+ and VP30
Easy to install
Best video qaulity available on the market, yet
How do i install the SDI into the iScan?

The installation process is very simple and doesn`t require any technical knowledge. Step by step instructions are on the link below:

Installation Instructions

Firmware Update for iScan HD or iScan HD+

Firmware Update for iScan VP30

Package Includes:

SDI Cable for connecting Card to the output ( inside the unit )
Screws and plastic pins
SDI Input connector
Any needed software can be downloaded from
Free.Please read the instruction manual included with the card.
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