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Hi Gents,

Thanks to your very kind help, I've now got REW up and running, and collecting measurements.

However, I'm struggling to know what to do next, to improve sound quality.

In my limited knowledge, I'm thinking that I need to do some minor EQing (such as a boost from 1.5Khz to 3khz), but other than that, the response is reasonably flat? OR, am I completely wrong, and this looks awful :huh: :rolleyesno: :bigsmile:

One other thing is that I don't really understand what the "Phase" section means, or how to improve things there?

Here are the results:-

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated :)


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A few thoughts:

  • You have a very respectable starting point.
  • There is probably benefit to be had from applying a bit more correction than what you suggest, but not a huge amount.
  • It would be good to see some minimally-smoothed (1/48 octave) detail before suggesting just what corrections to make. You especially want to be careful about boosting. Can you post your mdat file? Measure your speakers separately: sub alone, L with sub, R with sub.
Phase correction is outside of the scope of REW, not anything to be concerned with at this point.
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