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Its just me - lonely again

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Greetings One and All !!!

I am looking forward to Learn, to Live, and To Love this Forum -- and respect the rules. Admin said I had to edit my all caps posts.

I hope you all won't shake me up, too much ! lol

Using both lower and upper case is more of a pain ... But I can change . Thanks Admin for educating me.
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I am here for you all too!

Hey, I had to get my 5 posts --- so that is why I answered my own posting.

Its not like a guy I know --- who called his own home telephone # --- using an outside pay phone, just so others he lived with --- would think he was Important!
Hi Rick
I look forward to your ideas.

Also, you probably don't need to shout to get attention :bigsmile:
Welcome RICKD. Have fun. Dennis
Welcome aboard!

Enjoy your stay with us at the Shack.
Thanks for all your advisories. Hope yours is the same --- Learn From Others --- Don't Make the Mistakes Yourself

I feel "Your Welcome console" (consoling) to me:innocent:
Welcome to Home Theater Shack!

Hello and welcome to the Shack!

Help yourself and enjoy your stay... :T
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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