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I am planning an IXL 4 build. The idea is to keep it small, and rather than resigning to a sealed box with big amplification, I think that I may have figured something out. Can you all critique this idea and let me know your thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

This is all modeled with the driver download file taken from this site. I modeled it using an OAudio 500 plate amp.

WinISD parameters

4.8 ft^3
18Hz tune
3x10in slot port 47.26 in long
460W input power
EQ'd boost of 4Db at 20Hz (to take into account the boost built into this amp)
Also there is a SSF applied at 20Hz.

Has anyone had any experience with these RCA SSF's? http://store.hlabs.com/pk4/store.pl?view_product=13

Any problems with this? It looks pretty good to me, rather small, good output, and most importantly...cheapish! (Just click on the pictures to see a larger view. IDK how to post the image correctly I guess.)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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