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Java update causing headaches!

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I installed an update for Java and now none of my measurements will show up in REW. They show up when I manually browse to them but when I try to open them through REW the folders are empty and none of my measurement files show up. Has anyone else experienced this? I've got a bunch of information that I'd hate to not have access to and I need to get this fixed. I'm running Vista Ultimate 32bit.
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Yeah, interesting question. When another member asked this question last week I tested my two machines with REW and it worked fine on XP SP3 and Vista Premium 32 bit.

But then, the same day (on my main XP computer) I was using my investment software that utilizes Java for its graphs and the software itself worked fine, but all the graphs were missing.

I decided to roll back the Java version from the recently installed Version 6 Update 10 to the last Version 6 Update 7, and everything was fine again. So, I re-installed Update 10 and it failed to display the graphs, so I left Update 7 in that XP machine.

I then tested the graphing software with Update 10 on the Vista machine and it was OK, so go figure. So, it appears there is at least something amiss with the new Update 10.
I suspect there will be enough complaints and it will be cleared up. Until then, I have no problem with using Update 7 on my XP machine.

So, if you want to roll back the version:

1. Open the Windows control panel and select Java. On the General tab you can view the Version by clicking About. It will say Version 6 Update 10.

2. Now select the Update tab and unclick the automatic updates. (you'll be able to recheck it at a later date and also be able to click the Update Now to return to the latest version).

3. Re-Open the Windows control panel and select Add or Remove Programs. Scroll down and select Java 6 Update 10 and click Remove.

Now when you check the version it should say Update 7.

Try REW and see if it's OK.....

I'll alert John about this problem and see if he has any ideas...

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If anyone has REW problems with the latest Java update 10 or 11, they might also try a fix that works with other software I was having trouble with after the latest update.

Open the Windows control panel and double click Java to bring up the Java Control Panel, and then select the Advanced tab. Then open the Java plug-in selection, and uncheck the Enable next generation Java plug-in box.

Then you'll need to restart your computer.

This may help, since it was the fix for problems I was having with other software that uses Java.

See here for an explaination of what this checkbox does.....

Is it safer to not update Java?
I would say it's safer to install the update, if your applications work with the update.

The updates increase your security, so it's wise to install them if you can....

Simply install it and see if your software works. If not, revert back..

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