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JBL GT4-15 15" 1000w Subwoofer?

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Hi again,

The JBL GT4-15 15" 1000w Subwoofer seems to be quite cheap for the size, I was wondering if this has been used for an AV subwoofer, or if anyone has the TS parameters?
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I found the basic specs on it. I'll model it later on tonight when I get a free moment. Hopefully someone knows what the power handling is.

Sensitivity 91dB
Impedance 4 Ohms
Voice-Coil Diameter 2 inches
Cutout Diameter 14.25 inches
Mounting Depth 6.77 inches
Overall Diameter 15.16 inches
Vas 4.7 cubic feet
Qts 0.44
Fs 28.36Hz
Qes 0.47
Qms 7.35
Xmax 12 mm
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I had a free moment. It models to 7 cu.ft tuned to 25 hz. 150 watts takes it to Xmax with a high pass filter at 22 hz. Porting would be two 4 inch ports 12.5 inches long.

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I have to say I am considering this driver, as it seems I "may" (depending on stock) be able to get a couple of these for the price of a single Eminence Sigma Pro 18"

Could two be used in the same cab with reasonable results? Or even four?

Or would I be better sticking to stereo subs with single or twin drivers?

Could this work well in a sealed cab?, and would using a sealed cab negate the requirement for any rumble filters or such?

I am also considering the Behringer EP-4000 for amplification, as the results with a Fusion 12" carpeted box car sub with an amp connected to the sub out of the AV amp were favorable.

Can you post the TS Parameters for this JBL 15"? If I can get WinISD to work (teething issues with Beta OS) the TS parameters might come in usefull.
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i'd like to get the specs for the jbl gt4-10 10" 1000w subwoofer this includes the qts and all the rest can anyone help me? thanks alot
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