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Jl audio 13W3V3-4 40 liter closed box: The best of one world

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This topic is the other half of the Best of both world,s.
Because i opened a build of the bandpass,http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/ported-subwoofer-build-projects/66158-jl-audio-13w3v3-4-4th-order-bandpass-best-one-world.html
But i took no picture,s of this closed build.

I took one when it was ready,this is one of the 3.
1 stand,s in the HT next to the bandpass.

The other 2 are playing in the living,both in a 40 liter closed box.
But i miss a vented sub in the living,so another new build will come soon :D


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The Inuke is cheap,i would not buy one again.
I see some defect,s in my area,so i would not buy it again.

The hypex is hq build en design,if you want a good amp,buy Hypex,very good plate,s.

Are the available in Greece?
There are 2 now ?


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41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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