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JL audio 13W3V3-4 in a 4th Order Bandpass: The best of one world

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This is a build that is ready,but lately i am more active here.
So i like to post it,and get to know some of the other DIY members over here.

Its called: The best of one world,because i also use a 13W3V3 in a 40 liter closed box beside it.
I called it The best of both world,s using them togheter as a sub system for movie.

But i read around ,and i see that i am not the only one come up whit that name :D

I took some pic,s,what i ussualy forget,at the bottem you see i build a little window in it,to monitor the Xmax/and Xmech :


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120 liter closed/39 liter vented.
Vents: 82 cm long,7,8 cm intern. Airspeed 11 m/s at 20 hz.
Calculated bandpass 18-78 hz,afther build en inroom measurement 16-72 hz.
The tuning i have to look it up...

It is a movie monster,if say the Podrace play,s ,it make me feel things that are pretty awesome.
Togheter whit 1 closed box this is my system for about 2 years.

And i am still impressed how it play,s.
It was my first vented box,so i got some help calculating.

I have to build another for the living,but have been busy.
Hope to find some time soon.
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I was just looking at your build and wanted to find out how you made the port tubes. It looks like two tubes with something anti-resonant between them.
One,s i was working in a factory that made plastic,s
One of our partners wanted his plastic on this roller ,it was 240 cm long.
I dont know where to buy it,it came from the attic,and that job was 20 years ago.

I think it is PE ,i found some other pipe what is also very good i think.
Butt where to buy this,i,am very sorry cant help you .
I dont know either......

Butt i think it work,s very well ,it is very soft but strong, so it cant give any energy treu from the closed section into the vent,s.
Nice work, it looks great. I like how you did the port tubes. Do you plan on applying any finish to the cabinet?
Thanks, nice to hear.

The calculated volume,s, tuning and airvelocity in the vent,s / length of the 3 ports percies fits in this case, I was lucky.
When I started building I saw myself idd ,that it looked pretty well designed.

I would like wood veneer finish redwood, but miss the experience to work with it.
So i,am thinking who I'm asking here to help me whit it ,so that is is done ok the first time.
Morca ,

That is an awesome looking DIY home subwoofer .
Thank,s ,it play,s very well i am looking at stargate now,and the sub is playing :D
I still have to finish the outsite,it does not look great like this.
The picture,s of the build show indeed how much i did to fit those 3 long vent,s.
It was a nice project to build.
Yeah , I was commenting on the 3 port design and overall build. It will be cool to see the finished product as well.
Test... finaly i can acces my account again?
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