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My JVC D-ILA X3 showed the LED-code red - orange (permanently flashing) - red.
It was difficult to find solid information about this problem. A lamp defect code acc. to manual is red - orange (but only 3 times flashing) - red.
Meanwhile I've got my X3 fixed and I would like to share the results.

The beamer is 2 1/2 years old, bought as ex-demo with 160 hours on beamer and lamp and 1 year guaranty.
Lamp counter showed 160 hours then. But keep in mind, that anybody can reset it anytime.
Now the counter showed 840 hours, all in normal mode.

According to JVC regional service the code can by caused by lamp defekt or lamp electronic defekt. So they invited me to send the beamer over for free inspection. Normally they charge 120 Euros for that.

As there was no sign of lamp defect for my eyes, I sent the beamer.

They found the lamp defect and charged 400 EUR for lamp replacement (JVC original module), cleaning, adjustment, software update and shipping. As a JVC original lamp module can be found for 280 EUR over here, it seems to be obvious they charged the inspection fee afterwards.
Maybe more parts have been replaced and not listed to prevent JVC brand reputation from further damage.

When reading other reports in forums, a lamp life time of approx. 800 hours is normal, which is in sharp contrast to the claimed 3000 hours.

That accepted, the fee of 400 EUR seems resonable.

I asked to get the old lamp module sent back too. So for the next round, I can replace the bulb only in that module and have it ready for replacement.

So the Beamer is ready for soccer world championship final GER-ARG today.

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