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JVC X500R - Zoomed out and now can't zoom back in to max size?!

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Hey folks!

My JVC X500R projector was at 100% zoom and I tried to zoom out to play around with the image but when I zoomed in the projector would only reach 80% of the original max zoom size.

Any ideas how I can fix this?
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I reached out to JVC and they completely ignored me unfortunately. However, I managed to come up with my own solution :)

Here's what I first tried unsuccessfully:
  • Applying my user profile (which has 100% zoom)
  • Unplugging the projector from the power socket for 1 hour
  • Shifting the lens picture position up and down as much as possible
  • Zooming without any HDMI cables connected
  • Zooming out as much as possible and then zooming in to 100%

Here's the steps which solved the issue for me personally:
  1. Disabling environment settings (such as distance to the screen)
  2. Unplugging all HDMI cables from the projector
  3. Turning the projector off for 3 hours (with the remote)
  4. I shook the projector up and down as much as possible before turning it on (while it was still mounted to the ceiling)
  5. I turned it on > went straight to zoom control inside the settings menu > zoomed out for about 2 seconds (since in this timespan you'll be able to hear a heavy mechanical sound while the lens is starting to zoom out) and then I instantly zoomed in as much as possible (for reference if you hold the zoom for too long the sound turns into a electric noise instead of mechanical)
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