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KF 50WE610 freebie

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I just picked up a free sony kf50we610, with a blown bulb...and it is indeed blown. So far the price for a new bulb doesnt seem out of this world. What I am writing about is if this set is decent for its age, a 2004 model. It has a dvi not hdmi, but I have a conversion cord for that purpose, I hope. And, since the set was free it can't be a bad deal for me. Also, the Mits that I replaced 8 caps in and installed the external switch has been working great since being put in service. This forum is great. The sony is to be a backup or main depending on the quality of the pic and sound.

Oh, is there going to be any issue with using the hdmi to dvi conversion cable from my cable box to tv? that yo know of? If so I will just use rgb cables. Besides I am from b&w days so this is much better than those days anyway and it IS free....
thanks for any info.
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I bought one of these in Oct '03 and for three of the four years that it worked it had a very good picture. The lamps were ~$200 which really isn't too bad until you figure I went through three in four years. The first replaced under warranty and it seems like they had a problem and Sony knew it. The new replacement Osram lamp was much better. Some of these sets also suffered from warping of the lamp door caused by the heat of the lamp. Many of these sets also had issues with the Lamp Power Supply Module, circuit boards, ballasts and optical engine.

If you want to see more of my Sony GWIII saga check out this thread.

Aside from all that, I really like mine (when it worked). Problem is they are just not cost effective to repair. I also used a DVI conversion cable and it worked fine.
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thanks, the bulb that was in it shattered, and the flat top was loose. not even a sealed bulb. Plus, I see mine has the warped door too. I will check out the electronics and suc to see if all is well. My step sons panasonic unit has teh same bulb, and osram unit,. It looked good until I noticed the wires were not correctly connected, and the side mount bracket was bent. So we will get 2 new bulbs and hopefully fix 2 tvs.
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