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Kicker L7 for HT use.

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This is my first post to the site, but I've read a descent amount of information from HT shack in the past.

A friend of mine is looking to use his Kicker L7 12" in a Home Theater application. I've already tried to talk him into purchasing a true HT subwoofer, but he wants to try this one first. That said, I've modeled it in WIN ISD and it recommends a 7.224 cuft box tuned to 22.27hz for a flat response at approximately 114db with 500watts RMS. I'm concerned that we might reach beyond XMAX with 500 watts RMS and a box that size as the Kicker site suggest a max box size of 3.25cuft. Any suggestions?

Any assistance is appreciated,
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Welcome to HTS!

Can you post plots from your winISD sim and/or the driver file you used? In addition to basic T/S specs, an estimate of the cone's surface area will be enough to simulate cone excursion as well. What you describe sounds like a winning combo, 500W isn't unbelievable for a good 12" sub. Some car subs model okay in HT, others do not. It just depends on the sub.

Another doubt I have is what you are doing for a port and the associated port velocity, you'll need a big port to go that low and that loud and avoid port noise and/or compression.
I'm on a different computer at the moment, but I'll see if I can post the plots a bit later. I modeled with 2 4" ports at 15.78" long which should give me a vent mach of .05. I typically use flared ports to keep the port noise to a minimum.

Basic Specs used in winISD for Kicker L7 12":
Qts: .561
Vas: .0689 m^3
Fs: .03120 kHz
Re: .906 Ohm
Le: 1.94 mH
Xmax: .52 in
Z: 2 ohm
Qms: 10.319
Qes: .593
SPL: 87.51 dB
Pe: 750 W
BL: 8.17650 N/A
Dd: 11.28 in
Sd: 99.98 in^2
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Please see the attached png screenshot of my winISD plot.



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That looks like an old version of winISD, can you do it again with a newer version?

I'm suspecting that with only 13mm of xmax, that 500W might be too much below the 30Hz range or so. What amp will you be using, I see that this will be around a 2 ohm load? You'll definitely need an HPF to protect the sub at infrasonic frequencies.
I've been meaning to update that. I'll dl the newer version tomorrow and input again.

Since it is dual voice coil I was going to run at 4 ohms with an Oaudio 500 watt plate amp. I will definitely be recommending he not touch the Hpf once set. I'm open to other amp recommendations in that price range.

Thanks for the info so far.
The O-Audio 500W is a nice, flexible plate amp. The various HPF settings peak differently just above the crossover point though, you'll see that in the amp's documentation. Being a fancier car sub, I'm guessing the L7 has a very large mechanical excursion limit so he'll probably not have any problems.

When you try your simulation in a newer version of winISD, just check the plot for cone excursion to see how much it's surpassing xmax and at what frequencies. Also check rear port air velocity though I'm guessing 2x 4" ports should be adequate.
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