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horizontal drivers are NOT the problem.

If one were to take a good quality two way with controlled directivity and lie it on its side, its off axis response will likely go from performing well over a 90 degree arc down to a 40 degree arc, or less depending on driver center to center spacing.

Example - Klipsch RP-160M.....

Has nice horizontal polars (standing upright) 0-90 degrees off axis….

Dr Geddes polar of the same data....

Now if you were to lay that same speaker on its side (vertical polar) things start going astray.....

So, in this example, if you were to sit 20 degrees or more off axis from the RP-160M laying on its side, you should not expect a great performance from its horizontally arranged driver layout. Which is, of course, precisely why speakers are usually vertically arranged! :devil:

Now that may not be too much of a problem if you have a narrow room or you sit close to your center speaker.

Traditional center channel speakers however are highly sub optimal…. :eek:lddude:

The folly of a horizontal centre channel speaker - RP-250C measurements

Unless they are arranged, at least in part, vertically.... 8008-Center mkII



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