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Klipsch recently announced an expansion of its X Series headphone lineup with four new models: X20i, X12i, XR8i, and X6i. Hitting price points ranging from $179 to $549, Klipsch has quite a few bases covered from a cost perspective, however the company is quick to point out that even their cheapest pair is far from an “entry model.” Today, we’ll take a quick-peek preview of what they have to offer.

The X Series: X6i, XR8i, X12i, and X20i (left to right).

Headlining the new group is the flagship X20i headphone. Like the others, it’s an in-ear headphone design, however the X20i is crafted from injection-molded surgical-grade stainless steel; its exterior sports a black finish. Klipsch endowed the X20i with sound reproduction capabilities powered by a two-way dual armature design and a high-res “super tweeter.” With a sound described as “full and warm,” Klipsch claims the X20i is its most sonically appealing headphone ever created. Interchangeable cables (using a slick SSMCX twistable connections) and a leather carrying case are included.

The X20i has an MSRP of $549 and, like all new models, is available now.

The third generation X12i is priced at $349 and follows its predecessors' footsteps with aluminum construction and an emphasis on a small, lightweight, form factor. Its design includes the use of a ported and vented audiophile balanced armature driver that delivers classic tube amplifier sound and deep bass. Klipsch says it listened to customer feedback on previous models by including a newly designed tangle-resistant reference audio cable (exposed copper, see through jacket) paired with an improved microphone.

For $60 less (MSRP $279), the XR8i is a hybrid earbud system that emphasizes size. Klipsch has given this model a down-firing subwoofer to dig down deep into low frequencies; that’s where the size comes to play. The company is quick to point out that they endowed the XR8i with a comfortable fit and finish. Relying on a zinc die-cast housing, Klipsch employed an oval shape to the front housing to ensure a small-feel and sure-shot fit to the ear. A tapered bottom to the headphone gives the model a very sleek look.

The XR8i, listing for $279.

The X6i is the least expensive model of the bunch, hitting shelves with a suggested MSRP of $179. Klipsch says it designed the X6i to exceed last year’s X11i model’s sonic capabilities for nearly half the price. To do so, they gave it a single full-range armature. The armature’s orientation is flipped 45-degrees from previous model implementations, allowing the X6i to carry a super slim design factor. It’s available in both black and white finishes.

Head over to ww.Klipsch.com to find out more about their new headphone models and other product information.

Image Credits: Klipsch
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