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If you'd wanted a comparison to an SVS sub in another price category such as the PB-13 Ultra, I would have felt comfortable proclaiming you'd hear a night and day difference, even though I haven't heard either.

Since I haven't heard the Klipsch and since you're pretty happy with it, plus the "more" you're looking for hasn't been precisely defined, I'm more hesitant.

I do own a PB-12 NSD and I'm very happy with it. My room's cubic displacement is similar to yours. From the specs I've read, I think the SVS goes deeper. The sub 30hz material in a lot of modern movies is just insane and my in room measurements shows the SVS -3 db point being around 17hz! I have actually had to add foam insulation on the closet doors in the room to tame rattling.

We watched "Baraka" last night. The soundtrack is full of low freq synthesizer, as well as some effects. Even at moderate levels, the SVS had plenty of slam. I also listened to "Spanish Moon" on the "Rock and Roll Doctor" Lowell George tribute album. It has a great funk bass line that was clean and tight. On symphonic music, it handles tympani and bass drum well without clouding up the rest of the music.

Have you EQ'd with the Sony? How do you like the Sony? I've got a PS3 and love the GUI. The Sony is on my short list for upgrade from 5.1 to 7.1
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