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Hello, and thank you for your reponse. I have read the 10 entries you suggested, thanks for taking the time to put that together. I have a couple of question - 1. I can't find the chassis number to correlate the correct kit. I have taken off the back and the from panels and only see model/serial and date (2001) of manufacture. I see some other tags none of them have simliar number listed with the kits.. For examle on the some what obscured up on the side of the main cabinet Part#: 750A356010 (might be C10), SII: 981120; also on the back of the circuit board assy - MI-0172 and MOD-0944, lastly another label on the side of the main cabinet on either side of the bottom circuit bay, 642A083A-20... I did purchase a service manual and found I need STK392-570, however this part is not listed in any of the 5 X48***** kits -- ??? Sm I missing something?

Appreciate the help -- I also appreciate your support of scouts I was a cub/Weblo,Boy Scout leader and assistant for many years with my two sons... both in So CAl and up in the Silicone Valley area..

Happy New Year,


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The kits are for Hitachis that use a different STK. You simply need to order a pair of STK392-570 chips from one of the vendors recommended. These sets do not generally eat resistors but you should check them carefully anyway once you have the chips out of the set and yokes disconnected.
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