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Such a beautiful piece of software!

I'm thrilled how good my bass is. I'm never going back to bad bass. It's like tasting a gourmet meal after eating at McDonald's every day.

I just finished 6 hours of tuning my system with a DIY twin 15" dipole sub driven by a Behringer NU-1000-DSP amp, B&W floorstanding mains, and Audyssey software running on my receiver.

First I tried the only 2 wife-acceptable locations for the sub. One position hThen ad clearly superior waterfall plots.
Then I did measurements of my mains and looked at what room modes they excited worse than the dipole. Hmm, bad one at 70 Hz.

Then I added -5 dB notch filters for the 4 worst modes. (30, 45, 51, and 96 Hz)
Then I redid the dipole equalization. Needed a bit more boost below 40 Hz.
Then I tested 4 different crossover frequencies. 90 Hz was noticeably better than 80 because the mains excited the 70 Hz mode less.

Then I ran Audyssey 2x just from the listening position, to verify which phase polarity on the sub produced less delay/distance compensation. I then chose one phase and ran it from the max of 8 mic positions.

I then verified the end result with REW. Yup Audyssey did a good job setting the tonal balance.

the result was so good I spent over 2 hours just listening to my favorite well-recorded songs. Now I'm typing this sitting in the sweet spot. The bass is just sooo much smoother and balanced, and the room coloration is a lot less audible.

Thanks again to John Mulcahy!!
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