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Lakehouse Build - Ambient light? we've got your ambient light right here. Please help us fight it!

Just joined forum to share an interesting projection project and get some advice.
We also have posted around AVS forums and gotten some good feedback on how to spray and possible colors/ blends to use, but found this place and some really interesting work on Translucency that seems very helpful to our issues
Would love to hear any suggestions from the community here. We will be painting week of Thanksgiving and will be happy to take some before and after shots.

Our Build: We installed a front projection system in a giant A-Frame log cabin.
One wall is all glass in the A-frame - 25 ft wide and 24 ft tall for 400 sq feet of glass.

Screen sits in front of glass behind the cross beam.
Limited direct sun on screen as only one window way in back, but lights are usually on as this is the main room
with kitchen, loft, dining and seating all together. Sides have little to no window or sun and it's all stained wood for finish - but it stays bright all day due to all the windows behind screen.

It ends up being more of a bar/ large venue application vs home theater. We originally built a 220" black out cloth that looked pretty good in daytime - but it is a stretched frame meant for drive-in / outdoor theater use and stayed up for a year blocking the view. After seeing the 220", the original plan of picking a nice 150" went out the giant windows.

FYI- that center panel in football image is a light gray glidden one can on a BO panel we were considering, but wasn't so much better than BO that we wanted to paint the outdoor night screen.

Switched a few weeks back to a used 1985 Da-lite Senior Electrol 16x9 with Matte White screen we found on craigslist. 20 ft long box weighing 400+ pounds:

Unfortunately, the Blackout cloth is noticeably superior in daytime and better at night as well. We now have three issues we think paint can solve, but need advice on how to approach as we only get one shot.

Sunlight transmits readily through new screen. Look at the seam in the screen down pic - the double material at seam blocks light- everything else is glowing and we are losing huge contrast and brightness.
Some small tears and dirty
Seam annoying, especially in daytime, but it is jointed pretty smooth on front with bump to back.

Projection details:
Ben Q SH940 - 4000 lumens in brightest modes
25 ft throw
Screen is 184" x 104" with 4 " borders (base screen 16 ft wide) - giving us somewhere between 14 and 30fl from projector central calc depending on settings used and bulb life and a .9 gain.
Projector lens center is 4 ft over top edge of screen
The screen is 16 ft wide, but people will sit and be to sides, so wide viewing angle desired and we are afraid any large gains screens will make for uneven image despite long throw distance.

See diagram here of projector vs screen vs people:

Current Plan:
  1. Wash like crazy with windex / ammonia D
  2. use artist's gesso to fill/fix tears
  3. prime with thinned Bullseye primer sprayed on light 2 coats
  4. Paint Borders flat black
  5. add 6-7 topcoats of color sprayed for screen surface for a total of ~8 thin dusted coats
  6. spray back with a black flat paint if we haven't blocked enough through light
  7. leave down for a month,
  8. enjoy

Advice Requested:
  1. What paint and how to apply to this motorized roll-up to block translucence of sunlight through in daytime (Primer?, what paints block through light with thin coats?)
  2. What paint color (munsell # and a US recommended color) for best daytime sports and some night use, but almost always with lights on in room at night. Really like the idea of BW or Silverfire to get it to pop in daytime, but curious about how others think they will work in this setup.
  3. better ways to repair small tears?
  4. What size black border to set off from glass when viewing - currently thinking 4-5" per side and ~10-12" on bottom with screeen dropped to floor to block light and image as high as it can go.
  5. Anything else we should do? - (barring light curtains- aint gonna happen)


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Honestly, I don't think a diy paint would be a good option for you. It sounds like it will be getting rolled up and down a lot and I don't think it would last. All that being said, I'd guess you're going to do it anyways, right? If so, I would use a N7ish shade of gray. And get a good quality paint, like Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams. Don't use Behr!

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Thanks for the post and suggestion.

We know the replacement fabric at this size is about 1100, and are willing to cough it up if this goes horribly wrong. So yes- its spraying time tonight and tomorrow.
We hadn't heard shade advice, so we got a quart each of snowfield, veil, dover, and granite along with the aaa.
Used valspar interior for testers and will use valspar reserve exterior gallon - their best stuff- for the final.
We got a vinyl coated flexible 54" bolt of cloth from Joanns. Practiced spraying with our new Wagner to add 3-4 light coats of bullseye, then rolled 2 ft wide top to bottom sections of each color onto it. Did the dover in the middle with and without the aaa metal paint so we are comparing 5 shades to the matte white that is there. Used 2 coats with roller for test just to get color and thickness on- will spray final.
This lets us test flexibility ( way better than expected- rolls onto itself with no crack and sticks like crazy. Know its new but still made is feel better given our large diameter roller.
Also testing light transmission- our fabric is very translucent and paint killed 90% + of the through light.
Lastly, well put it up this afternoon to see ambient and tonight to see night and then decide on shade.
Tomorrow we paint!!!!

Well get some day and night shots to compare and post up soon.

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Do you have any pics, I'm really interested to see how this turned out with all of that back lighting, and a painted pull down screen

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Let's see some after pictures!

Even an epic fail needs to be documented (I hope it was a huge success).

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