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Alright, got my batteries, subs, sub amps, wires, terminal rings, HU, and crossover all figured out. Already have my highs/mids/amps. Working on an HT as well, looking to go surround 6.1 or 7.1 with 21" Maelstrom-X's as well, MTM with Kevin's Anarchy cheap tweet crossover. May get an HDTV...

So, I want to be able to hook my laptop to my HU if I so desire, as well as to my HDTV to watch online on the HDTV.

Will I need a special sound card? What kind of connector, as I believe the PXA-H701 will use up the optical cable/connector and the Ai-Net cable/connector.

So far:

6 Shuriken BT-80's
4 Hifonics BXi2610D's
Alpine W200
Alpine PXA-H701
HO alt TBD

Already have:
4 Adire Audio Extremis 6.4's
Kicker KX850.4 (needs repair for 1 channel's crossover)
2 Adire Audio/CSS/Exodus FR125S's
Kicker KX350.4 (bridge since FRs are 8 ohm)
2 Vifa XT25TG30 1" Ring Radiator tweets
Kicker KX200.1 (needs repair, blown)

For home:
looking for THX Ultra certified because I am told they must be able to drive a 4 ohm load to obtain this certification, Anarchy's are 8ohm, so MTM would parallel 2 per channel
12 or 14 Exodus Audio Anarchy's, build the crossovers Kevin designs, use either the cheap tweets he designs them for or Dan Wiggin's XBL^2 tweets shhhhhh
2 Exodus Audio Maelstrom-X 21's
2 EP4000's (or EP2500's)

I want the laptop to be able to hook up at home and in car.

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